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We conduct regular matlab training which categorized as online training, one to one training,  project related training,  class room training and corporate training for various clients. We classified our clients as:


Engineering Students.




PhD Research Scholars.

  • Image Processing Projects 90%
  • DIP Projects 85%
  • Simulink Projects 80%
  • Network Security Projects 90%
  • Scilab Projects 95%
Matlab is a high level performance language and provides interactive environment for visualization, programming and numerical computation. So, mat tech provides latest real time projects using matlab. Using matlab, we can analyze data; create various new models, algorithm and applications based on our innovative ideas. Matlab contain various tools and built in math function which enable you to implement various approaches and attain solution faster than spreadsheets and other programming languages. So, more engineering students are interested to do real time final year projects using matlab. We provide a special training for students to develop efficient projects separately. We assure that mat tech provide the best matlab projects to students. Mat tech contains experienced team members to implement matlab. We are continuously updated with a latest matlab version tool and concepts.