A new HVDC grid test system for HVDC grid dynamics and protection studies in EMT-type software

This paper proposes a new HVDC grid test system for electromagnetic transient analysis, suitable for HVDC power system studies ranging from protection to dynamic studies investigating converter behaviour and interactions. In the recent past research interest in HVDC grids has increased, leading to a multitude of studies concerning dc power flow and optimal power flow, dynamics and HVDC gridprotection. However, each of these studies makes use of different grid topologies, configurations and transmission line parameters.

In this paper, a standard HVDC grid test system is proposed and an implementation in EMT-type software is provided. The implementation in EMT-type software makes use of a frequency dependent cable model, continuous converter model and a reduced dc breaker model. By means of a protection study, the effectiveness and computational efficiency of the proposed HVDCgrid test system is demonstrated. The model with its parameters will be made publicly available.