A new moving object tracking method using particle filter and probability product kernel

Moving object tracking is a tricky job in computer vision problems. In this approach, the object tracking system relies on the deterministic search of target, whose color content matches a reference histogram model. A simple RGB histogram-based color model is used to develop our observation system. Secondly and finally, we describe a new approach for moving object tracking with particle filter by shape information. Particle filtering has been proven very successful for non-Gaussian and non-linear estimation problems.

In this approach we combine between particle filter and the probability product kernels as a similarity measure using integral image to compute the histograms of all possible target regions of object tracking in video sequence. The shape similarity between a target and estimated regions in the video sequence is measured by their normalized histogram. Target of object tracking is created instantly by selecting an object from the video sequence by a rectangle. Experimental results have been presented to show the effectiveness of our proposed system.