Active and reactive power control of a variable speed pumped storage system

Today, variable speed pumped storage (VSPS) system is an emerging technique, being used in hydropowered plants to increase the efficiency, quality and control of the power of the grid. The doubly fed induction machine (DFIM) based VSPS systems are gaining more importance because of the cheap price of the converter i.e. back to back power electronics converter.

This paper discuses an efficient method for the rotor side converter (RSC) to control the active and reactive power flowing through the stator of DFIM while the grid side converter (GSC) has been used to maintain the DC voltage level. This paper also discusses the VSPS systems Worldwide and its comparison with hydro poweredprojects which are recently developed in Pakistan. This paper suggests the use of VSPS systems in Pakistan to increase the efficiency of the conventional hydro power projects.