An integrated utility microgrid test site ecosystem optimized by an open interoperable distributed intelligence platform

Microgrid is any subset of a distribution grid that can be islanded from the grid and continue to operate as a distributed energy resource (DER). Recent advances in technology have enabled the creation of microgrid test beds, with distributed generation (DG) and energy storage providing sufficient energy to power the loads within the Microgrids.

Duke Energy is developing a new Microgrid test bed at its Mount Holly, NC facility that will not only be a self-sustaining entity when disconnected from the grid, but also for the first time trying to prove the interoperability via the distributed intelligence platform (DIP) by utilizing the publish and subscribe message bus protocols to share the data between all devices within the Microgrid. This concept will provide safe, reliable, and secure power environment that utilizes set of communication technologies, both wired and wireless.