Architecture design for new AC-DC hybrid micro-grid

Micro-grid architecture design is the basis of the micro-grid construction. It is necessary to follow certain design principles when designing micro-grid architecture, which differs from traditional distribution network designing. This paper describes several micro-grid architecture design principles, taking into consideration in the partition and hierarchy principle, as well as resource utilization maximization, energy complementary, energy storage and reactive power compensation.

Therefore, according to the micro-grid design principles proposed in this paper, we designed three hybrid AC/DC micro-grid architectures: multiple rings, single ring and complementary ring architecture. Then, we make a comparative analysis of power supply reliability, fault detection and applications. It can be seen that AC/DC hybrid micro-grid is superior to traditional AC and DC micro-grid in power supply reliability, flexibility and economy aspects, and it can be a good solution to the problem of distributed energy connected to the distributed network.