Automated fault tolerant system for control computational power in Desktop Grid

Fault tolerant Resource consumption in Desktop grid is a motivational area in research. The present research paper focuses on the dimensions of Fault Tolerant resource usage especially in area of available computational power. Desktop grid resources are accountable for generation of computational power. Alchemi Desktop middleware is useful for collection of computational power on diverse machines in Microsoft window based environment. Failure and Fault in execution side can create serious problem, in addition to a direct impact on computational power in Real Time Environment. In the Environment of faults, control on the available computational power is very necessary in gridmiddleware. This problem has not been addressed so far. Alchemi Desktop Grid Middle ware provide manual Procedure for control of computational power in Real Time Environment.

There is no automated mechanism available for controlling the processing power in alchemi desktop grid. This Research work has proposed, designed & developed automated framework for Alchemi Grid middleware. Framework can take control on available computational power in Real Time Environment at Time of Fault in execution processes. Testing for the framework is done in Real Time environment. Results after test show that framework gives quick response for controlling available computational power. Framework is able to detect defective process machine and correct fault in milliseconds which will cooperative to maintain level of available computational power In Real time Environment. This Research work has tried to eliminate Manual Procedure for controlling computational power by using automated Method for quick action in case of execution side faults.