Canonical switching cell converter fed SRM drive for SPV array based water pumping

The main objective of this paper is to present and discuss out the high efficient, reliable and most effective solar energy based water pumping system. The proposed solar PV array based centrifugal water pumping system utilizing canonical switching cell (CSC) converter as an intermediate DC-DC converter for achieving highest possible efficiency to PV panel. The soft-starting of switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive is also achieved through proper selection of step-size in P&O (Perturbation and Observe) algorithm method of maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

The CSC converter operated in CCM (continuous conduction mode) mode facilitates low ripples and higher power rating operation of proposed system configuration. The special split capacitors converter for SRM motor known as mid-point converter is electronically commutated to reduced switching losses. MATLAB/Simulink based sim-power-system toolbox is used to demonstrate the performance of transient, dynamic and steady state response of SPV array powered CSC converter fed SRM driven water pumping system.