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Selectively Infiltrated PCF for Directional Bend Sensing With Large Bending Range

A directional bend sensor based on selectively infiltrated photonic crystal fiber is demonstrated. The device is fabricated by use of femtosecond laser micromachining technique and fusion splicing of photonic crystal fiber with single-mode fiber. By infiltrating refractive index liquid into one of the air holes of the photonic crystal fiber, the core mode can be […]

Detection and Quantification of Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Fractures With Horizontal Borehole Resistivity Measurements

This paper investigates the suitability of low-frequency borehole resistivity measurements for detecting and appraising hydraulic fractures. The effects of the borehole logging tool’s transmitter-receiver spacing, orientation, and operating frequency, as well as the fracture’s shape, cross-sectional area, dip, and electrical-conductivity contrast with the embedding formation, are quantified using an fast Fourier transform (FFT)-accelerated integral-equation solver. Simulation […]

A Novel Sol–Gel Thin-Film Constant Phase Sensor for High Humidity Measurement in the Range of 50%–100% RH

This paper proposes a new type constant phase sensor (CPS) for solving the problem of high humidity measurement. It is based on change in phase angle of the CPS with variation of humidity. The CPS is having interdigitated electrode sandwiched between two identical thin films of γ-Al2O3 fabricated by sol-gel dipcoating method. In the presence of […]

Experimental Investigation of Long-Period Grating Transition Modes to Monitor CO2 in High-Pressure Aqueous Solutions

An experimental investigation of transition modes of long-period gratings (LPG) is reported. Coating LPGs with a material of high refractive index causes a reorganization of the cladding modes, leading to a substantial increase in sensitivity to changes in the surrounding refractive index (SRI). The sensitivity of a coated LPG to SRI over a given range […]

Surface Antireflection and Light Extraction Properties of GaN Microdomes

GaN microdomes were fabricated and measured as both an antireflection surface and a light extraction enhancement structure. The combination of self-assembled micro/nanosphere lithography and reactive ion etching process was used to fabricate GaN microdomes with different aspect ratios. SiO2microspheres with diameters of 1000 and 500 nm, deposited on top of the GaN substrate using a dip-coating […]

Fabrication and implantation of hydrogel coated, flexible polyimide electrodes

Within this study, flexible, polyimide based shaft electrodes were fabricated and dip-coated with a PDMAA-co-SSAz solution that formed a thin hydrogel layer on the electrode shanks. This layer stiffened the electrode for insertion when thoroughly dried. The electrodes were successfully implanted into a brain model and into real brain tissue of rodents. The insertion forces during […]

Effects of Ga doped seed layer on microstructural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods

ZnO nanorods have been successfully grown on Ga doped (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 wt%) ZnO seed layer by using simple hydrothermal method. The seed layer was coated on the substrate by using Dip coating technique. The effects of Ga doped seed layer on optical and structural morphology of ZnO nanorods are investigated in detail by […]

Optical aliphatic hydrocarbon gas sensor based on Titanium Dioxide thin film

This work analyses the performances of an optoelectronic sensor based on a sensitive nanoscale film of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), prepared via sol-gel method. The sensor was developed for fast and high resolution detection of aliphatic hydrocarbon gases. In particular, the change in reflectivity in presence of butane (C4H10) has been used as transduction property. Reflectance […]

Voltage source inverter with three phase preventer and selector for industrial application

Now days Industry uses 3 phase supply that can not afford a failure of even a single phase. Failures of any phases make appliances prone to erratic functioning and may even lead to failure of that appliance. Goal is to build a system that can support one of the phase supplies with the help of […]

A Label-Free Biosensing Platform Using a PLL Circuit and Biotin-Streptavidin Binding System

This paper proposes a novel RF biosensor that utilizes a frequency synthesizer associated with a microstrip open-loop resonator for label-free biomolecular detection. The RF biosensor consists mainly of a resonance-assisted transducer and a phase locked loop (PLL) circuit. In this work, the performance of the RF biosensor is validated using the well-known biotin-streptavidin binding system. […]