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Optical Signal Processing and Stealth Transmission for Privacy

Optical encryption, key generation, and optical stealth transmission techniques for protecting the privacy of communication in optical networks are proposed and summarized. The signal processingmethods based on fiber components provide ways to encrypt data and generate encryption keys at the speed of data transmission in optical fibers. Private and confidential communication is achieved without compromising the capacity […]

Signal Processing Approaches to Minimize or Suppress Calibration Time in Oscillatory Activity-Based Brain–Computer Interfaces

One of the major limitations of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) is their long calibration time, which limits their use in practice, both by patients and healthy users alike. Such long calibration times are due to the large between-user variability and thus to the need to collect numerous training electroencephalography (EEG) trials for the machine learning algorithms […]

Multithreaded Signal-to-Memory Mapping Algorithm for Embedded Multidimensional Signal Processing

Many signal processing systems, particularly in the multimedia and telecommunication domains, are synthesized to execute data-dominated applications. Their behavior is described in a high-level programming language, where the code is typically organized in sequences of loop nests and the main data structures are multidimensional arrays. This paper proposes a memory management algorithm for mapping multidimensional signals (arrays) to physical memory […]

Analog Domain Signal Processing-Based Low-Power 100-Gb/s DP-QPSK Receiver

Coherent techniques are expected to be used to meet the demand for higher data rates in short-reach optical links in the near future. Digital coherent receivers used for long haul applications are not suitable for short-reach links because of excessive power dissipation, size, and cost. The power consumption, size, and cost of the receiver can […]

Signal Processing Schemes for Multitrack Recording and Simultaneous Detection Using High Areal Density Bit-Patterned Media Magnetic Recording

Recent magnetic recording technologies have opened the possibility of reaching densities of 10Tb/in2. A two-dimensional magnetic recording (TDMR) scheme is pointed out one of key technologies for increasing areal density. From the viewpoint of signal processing for TDMR, a recording system is desirable or preferable to be capable of allowing to get readback signals from a group of adjacent parallel […]

On Sparse Methods for Array Signal Processing in the Presence of Interference

We analyze the performance of several algorithms designed to solve the inverse sparse problem when they are applied to array signal processing. Specifically we study the error on the estimation of the complex envelope and the direction of arrival of signals of interest in the presence of interference sources using a uniform linear array. In particular, we compare the […]

System modeling and signal processing of microwave Doppler radar for cardiopulmonary sensing

In this paper, we present the modeling, simulation and signal processing of Doppler radar for heart beat and reparation sensing. Distance dependency of accuracy of heart and respiration signal from radar output is investigated and verified through simulation. The model is experimentally validated with commercially available motion detector DNO-341. The based band signal containing respiration and heartbeat signatures are low-pass filtered (0.7 […]

Design of a time-gain-compensation amplifier for ultrasonic echo signal processing

This article presents a design concept of a time-gain-compensation (TGC) amplifier integrated circuit (IC) for ultrasonic echo signal processing. The TGC chain contains pre-amplification, attenuation, filtering and comparison circuit blocks. An on-chip oscillator, bias circuit and digital control core are also included. The presented TGC IC concept blocks are designed and modeled using Cadence’s IC design tools […]

Study of ECG signal processing using wavelet transforms

The aim of this paper is to process a noisy ECG signal obtained from recordings memorized in a database and to obtain the scalograms of some forms of the ECG. From the database we extract the noisy ECG, which is digitally filtered and displayed. For ECG signal processing, we have chosen the Continuous Wavelet Transform in order to determine the scalogram […]

Realization of the Receiver with Dual Antennas by Base-Band Signal Processing

The receiver of base station receives radio wave signals in different paths or directions, having different multi-path delays and amplitude attenuations. The envelope of the signal received is similar to the Rayleigh distribution in the application surrounding of 3G, and the multi-path propagation fading (MPF) would be induced, which will degrade the performance of the receiver. Especially, the different […]