Lattice-filter-based unified structure of system for interperiod processing of weather radar signals

In this paper, we develop the unified structure of a system for primary interperiod processing (IPP) of pulse Doppler weather radar signals. For this purpose, to solve IPP main tasks (namely to estimate the first three moments and a shape of energy spectrum of returns from meteorological objects, to decrease an influence of interfering reflections from ground objects […]

Energy-Efficient Approximate Multiplication for Digital Signal Processing and Classification Applications

The need to support various digital signal processing (DSP) and classification applications on energy-constrained devices has steadily grown. Such applications often extensively perform matrix multiplications using fixed-point arithmetic while exhibiting tolerance for some computational errors. Hence, improving the energy efficiency of multiplications is critical. In this brief, we propose multiplier architectures that can tradeoff computational accuracy with energy […]

Incremental augmented affine projection algorithm for collaborative processing of complex signals

In this paper we propose a distributed and adaptive algorithm for collaborative processing of the complex signals. The proposed algorithm, which will be referred to as the incremental augmented affine projection algorithm (IncAAPA), not only utilizes the full second order statistical information in complex domain but also exploits the spatial diversity which is provided by the distribution of […]

The method of signal processing of relative phase modulation

The new method of signal processing of relative phase modulation is proposed. Unlike to classical methods the proposed one realizes the processing of the low-frequency modulating oscillation when sequential samples distorted by the additive noise are correlated. The proposed method eliminates the hardware that implements the classical methods and allow to use only one signal processor. The probability of error, which characterizes […]

Phase Change Memory Reliability: A Signal Processing and Coding Perspective

Phase change memory (PCM) is a new solid-state memory technology that promises disruptive changes in the way servers and enterprise storage systems are built. Multilevel-cell (MLC) storage is highly desirable for increasing capacity and thus lowering cost-per-bit in memory technologies. In PCM, MLC storage is hampered by noise and resistance drift. In this paper, the […]

On the use of splines for wavelet construction for solving the problem of biomedical signal analysis process automation

The article describes the procedure of wavelet synthesis for continuous wavelet transform and opportunities to apply cubic splines for this. As the analyzed signal one of biomedical signals is given, the signal is EEG. All phases of the construction of a new wavelet based on a signal fragment are described. The results are obtained by applying wavelets derived in the process of direct and inverse […]

Processing algorithms for three-dimensional data compression of ultrasonic radio frequency signals

Ultrasonic systems are widely used in imaging applications for non-destructive evaluation, quality assurance and medical diagnosis. These applications require large volumes of data to be processed, stored and/or transmitted in real-time. Therefore it is essential to compress the acquired ultrasonic radio frequency (RF) signal without inadvertently degrading desirable signal features. In this paper, two algorithms for ultrasonic signal compression are analysed based […]

Electric Machine Drive Design Improvements Through Control and Digital Signal Processing Techniques

Developing the control algorithms of electric machine drives for less noise and harmonics is proposed here for design improvements. Modern control algorithms for electric machine drives are implemented, and their radiated magnetic fields are measured and imported into a digital signal processing unit. The measurement was implemented using magnetic field antennas which cover low frequencies. A digitalsignal processing unit was […]

Signal processing and detection for array reader magnetic recording system

With the demands of increasing area density for the hard disk drive system, an array reader magnetic recording (ARMR) system [1][2] has been proposed to use signal processing and detection/ decoding to improve area density in near future before heat-assistant magnetic recording (HAMR) and bit pattern media (BPM) technologies can be mature enough for large volume production. In […]

Recent advances in multidimensional systems and signal processing: An overview

In this paper, we present an overview of recent advances in multidimensional (MD) systems and signalprocessing. We focus on topics closely related to the four papers selected into the special session of “recent advances in multidimensional systems and signal processing” at ISCAS 2015. The paper starts with an overview of the theory of MD IIR digital filters and […]