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Enhancement of Gaussian background modelling algorithm for moving object detection & its implementation on FPGA

Gaussian background modelling algorithm is a classic algorithm used for moving object detection in video. This work proposes a technique to enhance the Gaussian background modelling algorithm in order to improve the moving object detection result. Since the potential application scenario requires real-time video processing, a circuit to implement the algorithm is designed on a Xilinx FPGA. The proposed design is […]

Measurement system for object detection based on multielectrode capacitive sensor

The problem of detecting objects, people and events is encountered in different forms in many application areas. In this paper we investigate the applicability of multielectrode capacitive sensors for monitoring the volume of interest by analyzing the disturbances in electrical field due to the influence of external objects. Capacitive sensors are particularly interesting as a low cost […]

A Hybrid Color Plane Approach Towards Color Based Object Detection and Modeling of a Real-Time Gesture Based Intelligent Virtual Aid Using Artificial Neural Network

Augmented and Virtual Reality has become a highly researched subfield in the Computer Vision domain. Among various researched topics, object detection and tracking is a major field of interest, with various algorithms being developed for it. Various algorithms exist that employs different approaches to solving the problem of object detection. The approach that we take is a mixture of investigating […]

Development of sequential optimizational algorithms for object detection in images

Development of high quality object detection system is a challenging task, not fully solved nowadays. The relevance of this study is stipulated by the necessity of designing techniques, algorithms, and programs improving the efficiency of automatic objects detection on images with complex backgrounds. Purpose: The aim of this work is to improve the efficiency of automatic number plate detection on images with complex […]

Automatic detection, classification and tracking of objects in the ocean surface from UAVs using a thermal camera

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that can operate autonomously in dynamic and dangerous operational environments are becoming increasingly common. In such operations, object detection, classification and tracking can often be one of the main goals. In recent years there has been an increased focus on embedded hardware that is both small and powerful, making UAV […]

Monovision based automated navigation and object detection

Paper proposes a new computer vision technique for automatic navigation and object detection. Automated navigation using a single still camera (mono-vision) where depth information is not available directly is a challenging task. Marking path instead of objects is the technique used here. This is based on human perception. Proposed `Next Path Method’ (NPM) uses pattern matching of the paths […]

Rotation-Invariant Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images Based on Radial-Gradient Angle

To improve the detection precision in complicated backgrounds, a novel rotation-invariant objectdetection method to detect objects in remote sensing images is proposed in this letter. First, a rotation-invariant feature called radial-gradient angle (RGA) is defined and used to find potential object pixels from the detected image blocks by combining with radial distance. Then, a principal direction voting process is proposed to gather the […]

Robust object detection and adaptive background estimation based on radial reach correlation

A method of real-time object detection using Radial Reach Correlation (RRC) has been developed. We also apply a statistical background estimation to cope with dynamic and complex environments. In order to reduce the computational cost of RRC for an embedded image processing device, we apply two techniques: fast RRC algorithm and background estimation based on statistical approach with […]

Partially occluded object detection and counting

In today’s fast-moving life many a pathological labs still use probabilistic approach to count the number of microscopic cells in a sample slide, which is a tedious job and not accurate all the time. The problem of finding the position of objects in an image as well as to count the occurrence of that object in the image is […]

Training-free moving object detection system based on hierarchical color-guided motion segmentation

We present a moving object detection system for surveillance based on Hierarchical Color-guided Motion segmentation (HiCoMo). The HiCoMo system does not require training and consists of two main stages: (1) hierarchical color-guided motion segmentation, and (2) motion-based verification.The first stage is a hierarchical segmentation framework, where at each level a balance is made between static and temporal features. […]