Combining Algebraic and Domain Testing to Design Adequate Test Cases for Signal Processing Algorithms

Signal processing software is characterized by a heavy emphasis on arithmetic calculations and the lack of complicated control structures, placing specific constraints on which testing techniques are applicable and how signal processing software can be efficiently tested. In this paper, we analyze the unique characteristics of signal processing software from the testing viewpoint and propose applied techniques for tackling the verification challenges of […]

A Bayesian Residual Transform for Signal Processing

Multiscale decomposition has been an invaluable tool for the processing of physiological signals. Much focus on multiscale decomposition for processing such signals have been based on scale-space theory and wavelet transforms. In this paper, we take a different perspective on multiscale decomposition by investigating the feasibility of utilizing a Bayesian-based method for multiscale signaldecomposition called Bayesian residual transform (BRT) for the purpose of […]

An overview of multi-dimensional RF signal processing for array receivers

In this review paper, recent advancements in multidimensional (MD) spatio-temporal signal processingfor highly-directional radio frequency (RF) antenna array based receivers are discussed. MD network-resonant beamforming filters having infinite impulse response (IIR) and recursive spatio-temporal signalflow graphs are reviewed. The concept of MD network-resonant pre-filtering is described as a modification to existing phased/timed array beamforming back-ends to achieve improved […]

Stable Mean-Shift Algorithm and Its Application to the Segmentation of Arbitrarily Large Remote Sensing Images

Segmentation of real-world remote sensing images is challenging because of the large size of those data, particularly for very high resolution imagery. However, a lot of high-level remote sensing methods rely on segmentation at some point and are therefore difficult to assess at full image scale, for real remote sensing applications. In this paper, we define a new property […]

Super-resolution via a patch-based sparse algorithm

The Sparsity concept has been widely used in image processing applications. In this paper, an approach for super-resolution has been proposed which uses sparse transform. This approach has mixed the inpainting concept with zooming via a sparse representation. A dictionary is being trained from a low-resolution image and then a zoomed version of this low resolution image will use that dictionary in […]

Region growing segmentation method for extracting vessel structures from coronary cine-angiograms

The coronary cine-angiogram (CCA) is an invasive medical image modality which is used to determine the luminal obstructions or stenosis in the Coronary Arteries (CA). CCA based quantitative assessment of vascular morphology is a demanding area in medical diagnosis and segmentation of blood vessels in CCAs is one of the mandatory step in this endeavor. The accurate […]

A modern perception for optical diagnosis using simulation techniques

The eye is the most beautiful and the most important sensory organ of the human body. It plays a vital role in our day to day lives. Eye sight is one of our most essential senses as 80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight. Moreover, the eyes make an essential contribution […]

Computer assisted plant identification system for Android

Plant leaves provide sufficient features to distinguish them among other species. Identification of plants using leaf images is a classic problem in digital image processing. Usually those image processingsystems use shape based digital morphological features for leaf identification task. Even there are number of studies on leaf based plant identification, very few of them are for mobiles. In this paper we […]

A low power, high fill factor and high speed vision pixel in a multitask digital vision chip

In this paper a new pixel architecture for use in a multitask digital vision chip is presented. A dynamic comparator because of its low power consumption is used as a single-bit ADC to convert the photodiode signal to the binary data. The processing circuit is based on SIMD parallel processing, and it is configurable to perform different binary image processing operations […]

Identification and counting of pests using extended region grow algorithm

Agriculture plays most important role in the Indian economy. The agriculture sector of India has covered about 43percent of India’s land area. Digital image processing is the use of computer algorithms like histogram, segmentation, edge detection, fuzzy approach, region based growing and tracking to perform analysis on digital images. In the existing system it is seen that there is […]