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Utilizing digital image processing techniques to evaluate the condition of non-ceramic insulators

The aim of this paper is to develop an automated system to classify and assess the surface condition of silicone rubber material. Both Radon transformation and the gray-level co-occurrence matrix were examined as image processing and features extraction techniques while using the artificial neural network as a classifier. A database comprised of 358 images was collected and preprocessed representing the […]

Counterfeit gold identification using sound and image processing

Gold mine is one of the most frequently faked mine by using matters having similar property or color. Since copper has similar color and tungsten has similar chemical properties, these two matters are the most frequently used counterfeit golds. Purity of a gold can be determined by X-ray devices but it is very expensive. Jewelers […]

Grid-based real-time image processing (GRIP) algorithm for heterogeneous traffic

The paper presents a fast algorithm for real-time image processing for counting and classification of vehicles in heterogeneous traffic recorded using a single stationary camera. The proposed method uses a single feature as the base parameter which is given by the user to classify the vehicles into four different classes. The algorithm has an error of 6.1% on […]

Combining Image Processing and Laser Fault Injections for Characterizing a Hardware AES

Nowadays, the security level of secure integrated circuits makes simple attacks less efficient. The combination of invasive approaches and fault attacks can be seen as more and more pertinent to retrieve secrets from integrated circuits. This paper includes a practical methodology and its application. We first describe how to retrieve the physical areas of interest […]

ConformalALU: A Conformal Geometric Algebra Coprocessor for Medical Image Processing

Medical imaging involves important computational geometric problems, such as image segmentation and analysis, shape approximation, three-dimensional (3D) modeling, and registration of volumetric data. In the last few years, Conformal Geometric Algebra (CGA), based on five-dimensional (5D) Clifford Algebra, is emerging as a new paradigm that offers simple and universal operators for the representation and solution of complex geometric problems. […]

ICA in Image Processing: A Survey

Source separation is a problem in which signals are mixed together. It is becoming a tedious task to recuperate original components signal from the signal mixture. Blind Source Separation (BSS) is suggested as a key to the problem aiming at finding the linear representation in such a way that the components are statistically (stochastically) independent. […]

Prediction of NOx emissions from a biomass fired combustion process through digital imaging, non-negative matrix factorization and fast sparse regression

This paper presents the development and evaluation of an algorithm for the prediction of NOx emissions from a biomass fired combustion process based on flame radical imaging, image processingand soft computing techniques. The investigation was performed on a biomass-gas fired test rig. An algorithm which combines texture analysis and non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) is studied for the image feature extraction. Fast sparse […]

High-Performance Image Acquisition and Processing System with MTCA.4

Fast evolution of high-performance cameras in recent years has made them promising tools for observing transient and fast events in large-scale scientific experiments. Complex experiments, such as ITER, take advantage of high-performance imaging system consisting of several fast cameras working in the range of visible and infrared light. However, the application of such devices requires a usage […]

Image processing techniques for object tracking in video surveillance- A survey

Many researchers are getting attracted in the field of object tracking in video surveillance, which is an important application and emerging research area in image processing. Video tracking is the process of locating a moving object or multiple objects over a time using camera. Due to key features of video surveillance, it has a variety of uses like human-computer […]

A GPU-based simultaneous real-time EEG processing and visualization system for brain imaging applications

A data-driven prototype software is presented for EEG processing and visualization. The system relies on the GPU architecture for providing simultaneous processing and visualization of the EEG data. Two example brain imaging algorithms, the surface Laplacian and the spherical forward solution are used for illustrating the effective use of the massively parallel GPU hardware in speeding up computations. The paper describes […]