Computer vision based vehicle detection for toll collection system using embedded Linux

Many highway toll collection systems have already been developed and are widely used in India. Some of these include Manual toll collection, RF tags, Barcodes, Number plate recognition. All these systems have disadvantages that lead to some errors in the corresponding system. This paper presents a brief review of toll collection systems present in India, their advantages and disadvantages and also aims to design and develop a new efficient toll collection system which will be a good low cost alternative among all other systems. The system is based on Computer Vision vehicle detection using OpenCV library in Embedded Linux platform.

The system is designed using Embedded Linux development kit (Raspberry pi). In this system, a camera captures images of vehicles passing through toll booth thus a vehicle is detected through camera. Depending on the area occupied by the vehicle, classification of vehicles as light and heavy is done. Further this information is passed to the Raspberry pi which is having web server set up on it. When raspberry pi comes to know the vehicle, then it access the web server information and according to the type of the vehicle, appropriate toll is charged. This system can also made to count moving vehicles from pre-recorded videos or stored videos by using the same algorithm and procedure that we follow in this paper.