Control of a large scale single stage grid connected PV system using fuzzy controller with capacitor assisted extended boost quasi Z source inverter (CAEB qZSI)

This projects describes about a grid connected three-phase, single-stage photovoltaic (PV) system using fuzzy controller with Capacitor assisted extended boost qZSI topologies (CAEB qZSI). This new scheme has higher efficiency and simple power electronic converter topology compared to two-stage PV system. The control objectives such as maximum power point tracking (MPPT), synchronization with grid, current control, and harmonic reduction in output current are realized in only one stage.

A gridconnected PV system with MPPT and reactive power injection capability into the utility grid is achieved using grid synchronisation. Park’s d-q transformation technique is used by using filtered three-phasegrid voltage for current controlling. To regulate the DC-link voltage a modified voltage controller using feedback linearization scheme with feed forward PV current signal is proposed. Reactive power feeding into the grid is also realized. To perform several simulations, MATLAB R2013b software environment is used.