Decomposition & reconstruction of medical images in MATLAB using different Wavelet parameters

Fusion of Medical images derives useful information from medical images containing the data which has important clinical significance for doctors during their analysis. The idea behind the concept of imagefusion is to improve the image content by fusing two images like MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) & CT (Computer tomography) images to provide useful & precise information for doctor for their clinical treatment. In this paper Discrete Wavelet Transforms (DWT)method has been used to fuse two medicalimages to decompose the functional & anatomical images.

The fused image contains both functional information and more spatial characteristics with no color distortion. In the proposed work different fusion experiments are performed on Medical images by using seven wavelet transform methods – Bior, coif, db, dmey, haar, rbio and sym. Further explores the comparision between all fused image using the measuring parameters Entropy & standard deviation. Experimental results show the best fusion performance is given by the Symlets (sym) wavelet transform.