Design of a sensorless controller for PMSM using Krill Herd algorithm

Due to advantages of the sensorless cascade controllers, i.e. simple structure and no need to use the mechanical sensors, they are widely used in industry. An important problem with such controllers is setting their parameters in order to achieve suitable response. This paper presents a sensorless control scheme for a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) based on optimizing the parameters of the speed and torque PI-Controllers, using Krill Herd (KH) algorithm.

They are optimized to minimize the speed tracking error in steady state. Since the proposed method uses the discrete-time model, it does not depend on initial conditions of integrators. The system is tested under variable operating conditions. Simulation results with¬†MATLAB/Simulink¬†software show a satisfactory performance of the proposed controller against load disturbances as well as robustness against machine parameters’ variations.