Dip Projects for BE
Magnetic Field Sensor Based on Micro-fiber Sagnac Loop Interferometer and Ferrofluid -Dip Projects for BE
Application of Remote Sensing Technologies to Map the Structural Geology of Central Region of Kenya-Dip Projects for BE
Voltage quality in the HV distribution grid-Dip Projects for BE
A new fast peak current controller for transient voltage faults for power converters-Dip Projects for BE
Power quality disturbances in distribution networks caused by the influence of nearby power lines-Dip Projects for BE
A Label-Free Biosensing Platform Using a PLL Circuit and Biotin-Streptavidin Binding System-Dip Projects for BE
Voltage source inverter with three phase preventer and selector for industrial application-Dip Projects for BE
Optical aliphatic hydrocarbon gas sensor based on Titanium Dioxide thin film-Dip Projects for BE
Effects of Ga doped seed layer on microstructural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods-Dip Projects for BE
Fabrication and implantation of hydrogel coated, flexible polyimide electrodes-Dip Projects for BE
Surface Antireflection and Light Extraction Properties of GaN Microdomes-Dip Projects for BE
Experimental Investigation of Long-Period Grating Transition Modes to Monitor CO2 in High-Pressure Aqueous Solutions-Dip Projects for BE
A Novel Sol–Gel Thin-Film Constant Phase Sensor for High Humidity Measurement in the Range of 50%–100% RH-Dip Projects for BE
Detection and Quantification of Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Fractures With Horizontal Borehole Resistivity Measurements-Dip Projects for BE
Selectively Infiltrated PCF for Directional Bend Sensing With Large Bending Range-Dip Projects for BE
Improved Ride-Through Control of DFIG During Grid Voltage Swell-Dip Projects for BE
New method for effective manipulation of the magnetism in (Ga, Mn)As films by organic molecules-Dip Projects for BE
SFF-8431 12.5Gbps channel return loss (RL) failure debug: Simulation and measurement validation-Dip Projects for BE
An Ultra-Sensitive Magnetic Field Sensor Based on Extrinsic Fiber-Optic Fabry–Perot Interferometer and Terfenol-D-Dip Projects for BE
Sensing Properties of Long Period Fiber Grating Coated by Silver Film-Dip Projects for BE
Passive Wireless Sensor for Force Measurements-Dip Projects for BE
An integrated utility microgrid test site ecosystem optimized by an open interoperable distributed intelligence platform-Dip Projects for BE
Design of Infrared SPR Sensor Based on Bimetallic Nanowire Gratings on Plastic Optical Fiber Surface-Dip Projects for BE
Parameter estimation of squirrel-cage motors with parasitic torques in the torque–slip curve-Dip Projects for BE
Device for Measuring the Thermal Cycling Degradation in 2G Tapes for Electrical Power Applications-Dip Projects for BE
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