Genetic Algorithm Matlab code

Genetic Algorithm Matlab code aims to converts design space into genetic space which is easy to search a large search space. Genetic Algorithm Matlab code is used for optimization process.

Operators of Genetic Algorithm Matlab code:


2.Cross Over


Working Principle of Genetic Algorithm Matlab code:



Algorithm Procedure Genetic Algorithm Matlab code:

  1. Produce an initial population of individuals
  2. Evaluate fitness of all individuals
  3. While termination condition not met do
  4. Select filter individuals for reproduction
  5. Recombine between individuals
  6. Mutate individuals
  7. Evaluate fitness of the modified individuals
  8. Generate a new population
  9. End while

Advantages of Genetic Algorithm Matlab code:

1.No training required

2.Work for non-linear equations

3.Efficient performance during Multi-Modal or N-Dimensional Search Space

4.Intrinsically Parallel

5.Easily Distributed

6.Less Time required for some special applications

7.Concepts are easy to understand

8.Easy to get an optimal solution

Uses of Genetic Algorithm Matlab code:

1.Scheduling and Timetabling

2.Optimization and Search Problems


Real World Applications of Genetic Algorithm Matlab code:

Machine Learning

Automotive Design

Optimization Problems

Artificial Intelligence

Predicting Protein Structure

Finance and Investment Strategeis

Computer Gaming

Gene Expression Profiling