Image-Based Process Monitoring Using Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition

Image and video sensors are increasingly being deployed in complex systems due to the rich processinformation that these sensors can capture. As a result, image data play an important role in processmonitoring and control in different application domains such as manufacturing processes, food industries, medical decision-making, and structural health monitoring. Existing process monitoring techniques fail to fully utilize the information of color images due to their complex data characteristics including the high-dimensionality and correlation structure (i.e., temporal, spatial and spectral correlation). This paper proposes a new image-based process monitoring approach that is capable of handling both grayscale and color images.

The proposed approach models the high-dimensional structure of the image data with tensors and employs low-rank tensor decomposition techniques to extract important monitoring features monitored using multivariate control charts. In addition, this paper shows the analytical relationships between different low-rank tensor decomposition methods. The performance of the proposed method in quick detection of process changes is evaluated and compared with existing methods through extensive simulations and a case study in a steel tube manufacturingprocess.