Image processing techniques for object tracking in video surveillance- A survey

Many researchers are getting attracted in the field of object tracking in video surveillance, which is an important application and emerging research area in image processing. Video tracking is the process of locating a moving object or multiple objects over a time using camera. Due to key features of video surveillance, it has a variety of uses like human-computer interactions, security and surveillance, video communication, traffic control, public areas such as airports, underground stations, mass events, etc. Tracking a target in a cluttered premise is still one of the challenging problems of video surveillance. A sequential flow of moving object detection, its classification, tracking and identifying the behavior completes the processing framework of video surveillance.

This paper takes insight into tracking methods, their categorization into different types, focuses on important and useful tracking methods. In this paper, we provide a brief overview of tracking strategies like region based, active contour based, etc with their positive and negative aspects. Different tracking methods are mentioned with detailed description. We review general strategies under literature survey on different techniques and finally stating the analysis of possible research directions.