Imagej Projects

We offer ImageJ projects use as a public domain program on any kind of operating system and convenient to frequently updated. ImageJ is an impressive tool for image analysis program and developed by national institutes of health. We run imagej projects on online applet or any computer (or) any downloadable application with java version 1.4 (or) virtual machines. We implement imagej projects on various OS such as windows, MAC OS, MAC OS X and Linux. We provide imagej academic projects to read any image format like TIFF, GIF, JPEG, DICOM, FITS, RAW, BMP. We use language to read, edit and process, analyze and save, print with 8 to 32 bit images.

Features of ImageJ: We implement imagej features in M.E projects are:

1.Support image processing toolkit to develop applets, servlet (or) java applications.

2.Open source and freely available in any public domains.

3.Support 8 bit gray scale, 16 bit unsigned integers, and 32 bit floating point and RGB color data types.

4.Support operating system with 32 and 64 bit modes.

5.Composed of large and knowledge worldwide community.

6.Composed of macros tool to create automated task and custom tool. Above 300 macros are available on imagej websites.


ImageJ windows: We use imagej window which contains status bar, tool bar, progress bar, menu bar, window bar to show images. Line profiles and histograms in output window to display measurement result. We can drag and resize window screen.

Imagej Toolbar: We use this toolbar to built and custom tool to manipulate images. We determined more than 90+ projects in Imagej with listed Tool used by us in graphical application are:

1.Text Tool.

2.Color Picker Tool.

3.Area Selection Tool.

4.Menu Tool for Macros.

5.Angle Tool.

6.Magnifying Glass Tool.

7.Line Selection Tool.

8.Scrolling Tool.

9.Point Tool.

10.Macro Action Tool.


Status Bar: We use this bar to display coordinates and image values. It displays elapsed time and processing rate for this protocol. We can show ImageJ version, available memory, and memory usage percentage, java version.

Progress Bar: We locate at top right of status bar used to show progress time consume operation.

Images: We develop most imagej projects from Springer Papers. It permit multi images and shown at same time. It supports 32 bit, 16 bit, 8 bit color images. Gray scale image are also processed.

Plug-ins: We implement plug-ins to expand imagej function written by java. It used to analyze image file and filter out analyzing images. It will located in Imagej’s plugin folder.

Image Versions: We support following version for student imagej projects described as:

2015 imagej  projects 1.49 a,1.49 b, 1.49 c, 1.49 d, 1.49 e, 1.49 f, 1.49 g, 1.49 h,1.49 i, 1.49 j,1.49 k, 1.49 m, 1.49 n, 1.49 o,1.49 p, 1.49 q.

2014 imagej 1.48 a, 1.48 b, 1.48c, 1.48 d, 1.48 e, 1.48 f, 1.48 g, 1.48 h, 1.48 i, 1.48 j, 1.48 k, 1.48 m, 1.48 n, 1.48 o,1.48 p, 1.48 q, 1.48 r, 1.48 s, 1.48 t, 1.48 u, 1.48 v.