Lattice-filter-based unified structure of system for interperiod processing of weather radar signals

In this paper, we develop the unified structure of a system for primary interperiod processing (IPP) of pulse Doppler weather radar signals. For this purpose, to solve IPP main tasks (namely to estimate the first three moments and a shape of energy spectrum of returns from meteorological objects, to decrease an influence of interfering reflections from ground objects and point aerial objects on estimation accuracy) it is proposed to use the algorithms, which are chosen based on results of theoretical and scaled-down investigation and contain both specific and common operations.

The presence of the latter creates the prerequisites for unification of IPP system in whole. Universal lattice filters including adaptive ones are proposed to be used as a basis for such IPP system. The scheme of respective system of interperiod signal processing is introduced and described. Some results of its utilization in operational Doppler weather radar are shown.