Leaf disease detection and grading using computer vision technology & fuzzy logic

In Agriculture, leaf diseases have grown to be a dilemma as it can cause significant diminution in both quality and quantity of agricultural yields. Thus, automated recognition of diseases on leaves plays a crucial role in agriculture sector. This paper imparts a simple and computationally proficient method used for leaf disease identification and grading using digital image processing and machine visiontechnology.

The proposed system is divided into two phases, in first phase the plant is recognized on the basis of the features of leaf, it includes pre-processing of leaf images, and feature extraction followed by Artificial Neural Network based training and classification for recognition of leaf. In second phase the disease present in the leaf is classified, this process includes K-Means based segmentation of defected area, feature extraction of defected portion and the ANN based classification of disease. Then the disease grading is done on the basis of the amount of disease present in the leaf.