Live demonstration: A dynamically adaptable image processing application running in an FPGA-based WSN platform

This 1-Page Demonstration paper is included in the track “Multimedia Systems and Applications”. The work has been already published in [1] and [2]. The main idea of the demonstration is to show how the Virtual Architecture ARTICo3 works within a high performance wireless sensor node called HiReCookie. The selected demo includes an image processing application with several filters running as different kernels within the architecture ARTICo3. The virtual architecture works in a Spartan-6 FPGA included in the HiReCookie Node, [3] and [4].

During the demonstration, an image taken from a video camera attached to the node will be processed in real time by several dynamically reconfigurable kernels (median filters and edge detectors) under different working conditions. The solution scope includes solutions trading off among Low Power, Dependability and High Performance Computing.