Matlab is a general purpose programming languages. We offer M.E Projects in Matlab for research scholar using many function in matlab under image processing and various domain. We ensure matlab as better solution to compute problem during image processing. We develop matlab projects in matlab for academic projects with maximal numerical precision to generate final output. Our main reason using matlab by PhD thesis it provide strong mathematical and numerical support for advanced algorithm we implement matlab PhD thesis from Elsevier paper with image processing matlab toolbox such as 3D slicer tool, segment tool, morph tool and image registration GUI to obtain accurate result.

Sample of recently developed matlab projects in matlab are listed below :

Segmentation of tumor & edema by wavelet & neural network – M.E Projects in Matlab,

Renal calculi detection by region growing method – M.E Projects in Matlab,

Hair pattern recognition for criminal/victim identification – M.E Projects in Matlab,

Retinal micro aneurysm detection – M.E Projects in Matlab,


Segmentation of tumor & edema by wavelet & neural network:  We establish brain tumor have various features such as image intensities, size, shape and location. We provide more segmentation algorithm for PhD researchers to perform critical analysis process in magnetic resonance images. By this algorithm, we efficiently segment MRI image into tumor, white matter, edema, gray matter and cerebrospinal fluid. We extract the healthy tissue detection by neural network with implementing self organized map and unsupervised learning algorithm with vector quantization approach. Our project team design brain tumor segmentation in step by step process. We obtain query image & perform normalization process. We adopt anisotropic diffusion filtering method to eradicate irrelevant tissue and wavelet transform for decomposition and feature extraction.


Renal calculi detection by region growing method: We detect renal calculi which is a kidney based disease. Calculi formed by abnormal collection of chemical think such as phosphate, oxalate & ceric acid. We analyze where calculi present or absence in kidney. We adopt region growing based segmentation algorithm in ultrasound kidney images. By this algorithm we compute region of interest from input image and region merging algorithm adopted to suppress high frequency artifacts.


Hair pattern recognition for criminal/victim identification:We adopt finger mark, tattoos, face images, blood samples, DNA, face sketch to identify criminal & victims. To solve this problem when a facial image is not clear we provide skin mark pattern and blood vessel pattern algorithm. We implement androgenic hair pattern recognition approach to detect criminal images. By this pattern we overcome the weakness of skin mark & blood vessel pattern.


Retinal micro aneurysm detection: We perform retinal micro aneurysm detection in bio medical image processing. We find out the region of retinal micro aneurysm a very complex system we solve this problem by gross section profile analysis process in an efficient way. By this method we analyze retinopathy modification in eye image. We compute shape, size and high of peak by peak detection algorithm we require naïve bayes classification method to accurately separate retinal micro aneurysm affected area. We developed more than 90+ thesis in matlab under various techniques.