Computer vision for green and secure cooperative augmented reality in Next Generation Converged Wireless Networks -Matlab MS Project
A dataset for computer-vision-based PCB analysis-Matlab MS Project
Control design and implementation of intelligent vehicle with robot arm and computer vision-Matlab MS Project
Detection and Localization of HTML Presentation Failures Using Computer Vision-Based Techniques-Matlab MS Project
Computer vision based vehicle detection for toll collection system using embedded Linux-Matlab MS Project
Leaf disease detection and grading using computer vision technology & fuzzy logic-Matlab MS Project
Computer Vision based Decision Support in Surgical Robotics-Matlab MS Project
Automated beehive surveillance using computer vision-Matlab MS Project
Quasi-maximum feasible subsystem for geometric computer vision problems-Matlab MS Project
Object recognition by effective methods and means of computer vision-Matlab MS Project
Cost-efficient universal approach for remote meter reading using web services and computer vision-Matlab MS Project
Computer vision-based approach for rite decryption in old societies-Matlab MS Project
Computer Vision Based Autonomous Robotic System for 3D Plant Growth Measurement-Matlab MS Project
Medical thermal imaging procedure for HAVS assessment-Matlab MS Project
Robust medical image watermarking technique for accurate detection of tampers inside region of interest and recovering original region of interest-Matlab MS Project
The LISS—A Public Database of Common Imaging Signs of Lung Diseases for Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis Research and Medical Education-Matlab MS Project
Multi-line transmission combined with minimum variance beamforming in medical ultrasound imaging-Matlab MS Project
Decomposition & reconstruction of medical images in MATLAB using different Wavelet parameters-Matlab MS Project
Medical image fusion by combining SVD and shearlet transform-Matlab MS Project
Novel VLSI architecture for real time medical image segmentation-Matlab MS Project
A Rotationally Invariant Texture Descriptor to Detect Copy Move Forgery in Medical Images-Matlab MS Project
Region Based Adaptive Contrast Enhancement of Medical Ultrasound Images-Matlab MS Project
Multimodal medical image fusion using modified fusion rules and guided filter-Matlab MS Project
Classification of normal and medical renal disease using B-mode ultrasound images-Matlab MS Project
Anatomy-specific classification of medical images using deep convolutional nets-Matlab MS Project