DSP-Based Hands-On Laboratory Experiments for Photovoltaic Power Systems -Matlab Projects for DSP
Performance and Complexity of Digital Clock Recovery for Nyquist UDWDM-PON in Real-Time-Matlab Projects for DSP
Novel Design Algorithm for Low Complexity Programmable FIR Filters Based on Extended Double Base Number System-Matlab Projects for DSP
Instantaneous frequency estimation using Ant colony optimization and Wigner distribution-Matlab Projects for DSP
Extended Kalman filtering for simultaneous phase and amplitude noise mitigation in WDM systems-Matlab Projects for DSP
Improvement in convergence speed and stability of Least Mean Square and Normalized Least Mean Square algorithm-Matlab Projects for DSP
Towards the evaluation of the measurement uncertainty of environmental acoustic noise-Matlab Projects for DSP
An automatic, wireless audio recording node for analysis of beehives-Matlab Projects for DSP
Combined Data Detection Scheme for Zero-Padded OFDM Signals in MMF Links-Matlab Projects for DSP
Auto-Adaptive Trigger and Pulse Extraction for Digital Processing in Nuclear Instrumentation-Matlab Projects for DSP
Effect of RNS moduli set selection on digital filter performance for satellite communications-Matlab Projects for DSP
Design of Baseband Digital Delta-Sigma Modulators in 180nm CMOS-Matlab Projects for DSP
Software reconfigurable PONs utilizing digital filter multiple access-Matlab Projects for DSP
DSP-based approach to generating computer model of impulse noise using kernel data sequence-Matlab Projects for DSP
Necessary conditions for synthesis of side-lobe suppression filters for phase manipulated signals-Matlab Projects for DSP
Time-Domain Volterra-Based Digital Backpropagation for Coherent Optical Systems-Matlab Projects for DSP
Dynamic zero-point attracting projection for time-varying sparse signal recovery-Matlab Projects for DSP
Overcoming Computational Errors in Sensing Platforms Through Embedded Machine-Learning Kernels-Matlab Projects for DSP
New technique of testing and calibration of the UTR-2 radio telescope-Matlab Projects for DSP
Fractional Order Differentiation by Integration and Error Analysis in Noisy Environment-Matlab Projects for DSP
Brace design for knee-angle measurement in human gait using infrared sensor-Matlab Projects for DSP
A chemi-ionization processing approach for characterizing flame flickering behavior-Matlab Projects for DSP
17.7 A digital DLL with hybrid DCC using 2-step duty error extraction and 180° phase aligner for 2.67Gb/S/pin 16Gb 4-H stack DDR4 SDRAM with TSVs-Matlab Projects for DSP
A compact representation of sensor fingerprint for camera identification and fingerprint matching-Matlab Projects for DSP
Cell phone verification from speech recordings using sparse representation-Matlab Projects for DSP