Matlab Projects

Matlab Projects provides several Operations are performed using matlab such as inverses of matrices, matrix manipulation, manipulation, graphs of matrices. Matlab shall be work with scalars, vectors and matrices. Matlab projects program code will be much simpler and shorter. Matlab programming language is exceptionally straightforward to use. Matrix generation is the most important factor on matlab because which is the basic elements of matlab environment.



Functionality of Matlab Projects:

  • Creating a row vector.
  • Creating a matrix.
  • Creating a column vector.


Resulting Methods of Matlab Projects:

  • Line Plotting.
  • Splash Screen Plot.
  • 2D and 3D Plots.
  • Plot of Complex Functions.


Types of Matlab Programs:

  • Script Files.
  • Function Files.



Matlab Image Types:

  • BMP (Microsoft Windows Bitmap).
  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts).
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format).
  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Files).
  • HDF (Hierarchical Data Format).


Supported Domains on Matlab Projects:

  • Image Processing.
  • Remote Sensing.
  • Medical Imaging.
  • Digital Image Processing.
  • Signal Processing.




Algorithms used in Matlab Projects


Neural Network Algorithm


Fingerprint Matching Algorithm

Completed - Matlab Projects for B.E/B.Tech Students


Genetic Algorithm


Face Recognition Algorithms

Completed - Matlab Projects for M.E/M.Tech Students


Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm


Sequence Algorithms

Completed - Matlab Projects for M.S Students


Pattern Recognition Algorithm


Optimization Algorithms

Completed - Matlab Projects for PhD Scholars