Micromagnetic Simulation of Magnetization Reversal Process Using Magnetic Force Microscope Image

The Nd9.5Fe61.5Co10Nb20.5Ti0.5B15.5C0.5 nanocomposite magnets have been prepared by copper mold casting technique. The magnetic properties were calculated by the micromagnetic simulation using the magnetic force microscope (MFM) image. The influence of different saturation magnetization of amorphous grain boundary phase on the magnetization reversal process was investigated.

The simulation results indicate that the coercivity increases with the reducing saturation magnetization of amorphous phase when the grain size varied from 300 to 1000 nm. The magnetization reversal processdemonstrates that the magnetic moments of NdFeB phase show the prior inversion at the grain boundaries. Further, comparison between the anisotropic and isotropic model implies the importance of preparing anisotropic magnets.