Model predictive control of three-level four-leg flying capacitor converter operating as Shunt Active Power Filter

This paper proposes the new implementation of Finite Control States Set Model Predictive Control (FS-MPC) applied to 3-level 4-leg Flying Capacitor Converter (FCC) operating as a Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF). The developed approach is based on three important issues that are described. The first is addressed to the phase to phase model of the 4-wire system to simplify the prediction equations.

The second relates to calculation amount reduction gained through applied Flying Capacitors’ voltages control and suitable interpretation of FCC switching states in the converter’s model. The third regards to cost function extension and considered system restrictions: elimination of simultaneous commutations of all transistors in one leg and reduction of the switching events number. The control performance was analyzed in┬áMatlab-Simulink┬ámodel. Presented simulation studies validate the effectiveness of proposed solution.