M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Digital audio watermarking and image watermarking for information security -M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Very large-scale integration architecture for video stabilisation and implementation on a field programmable gate array-based autonomous vehicle-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Reversible blind data hiding for verifying integrity and authenticating MRI and X-Ray images-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Lung nodule volume measurement using digital chest tomosynthesis-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Theory of multi-level refractive geometry-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Segmentation of histopathological images with Convolutional Neural Networks using Fourier features-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
A Speed-Enhancing Dual-Trial Instantaneous Switching Architecture for SAR ADCs-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Dense Subgraph Partition of Positive Hypergraphs-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Techniques for a forensic analysis of the CASIA-IRIS V4 database-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Local Binary Pattern Based Fast Digital Image Stabilization-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Study on a Novel Multiple Elevation Beam Technique for HRWS SAR System-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Multiview Alignment Hashing for Efficient Image Search-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
A CAD x Scheme for Mammography Empowered With Topological Information From Clustered Microcalcifications’ Atlases-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Stress level detection using heart rate, blood pressure, and GSR and stress therapy by utilizing infrared-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Multicore Processors and Graphics Processing Unit Accelerators for Parallel Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth From Satellite Data: Implementation, Performance, and Energy Efficiency-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Image forgery detection based on energy probability-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Example-Based Objective Quality Estimation for Compressed Images-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Morphological feature extraction with local histogram equalization-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
City Scale Image Geolocalization via Dense Scene Alignment-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
25.5 A 320GHz phase-locked transmitter with 3.3mW radiated power and 22.5dBm EIRP for heterodyne THz imaging systems-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Gabor Filter Based on Stochastic Computation-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Detection of copy-move forgery using DoGCode-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Human victim detection with Deformable Part Models-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
Five-Dimensional Depth-Velocity Filtering for Enhancing Moving Objects in Light Field Videos-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
A Cellular Network Architecture With Polynomial Weight Functions-M.Tech Thesis in Matlab
2015 IEEE mtech thesis in matlab