Multi-Resolution Disparity Processing and Fusion for Large High-Resolution Stereo Image

Large panoramic views with high resolution have the advantage of a wide field of view over regular stereo views. However, the large size and high resolution impose difficulties on the stereo matching problem such as complexity and structure ambiguity, respectively. In this paper, effective multi-resolution disparity processing to resolve the difficulties is presented. We propose to adaptively determine the disparity search range based on the combined local structure from image intensity and initial disparity.

The adaptive disparity range is able to propagate the smoothness property at low resolution to high resolution while preserving fine details. It reduces structure ambiguity as well as computational complexity. To reduce the disparity quantization error at the coarse level, we propose a reliable multiple fitting algorithm that is noticeably effective on the round surface. The spatial-multi-resolution total variation method is investigated to minimize inconsistency in space-scale dimension . The experimental results on the Middlebury datasets and real-world high-resolution images demonstrate that the proposed multi-resolution scheme produces high-quality and high-resolution disparity maps by fusing individual multi-scale disparity maps, while reducing complexity.