Object tracking by PI control and image processing on embedded systems

In this study, object tracking application by using image processing and PI controlling is implemented. The color property of the desired object which was wanted to be detected and tracked by imageprocessing technique was utilized and it’s position in front of the camera was aimed to be fixed. Controlling technique is using the PI variation of the PID controlling technique. In order to determine the object definitely morphological applications were used and the noise filtered by the median filter.

The coordinate information of the object which was aimed to be tracked was determined as the pixel value which was in the gravity center of the object in the frame received from the camera. If the object within the image received from the camera away from the center point, margin of error is applied to the PI algorithm as a input. All this given procedures were written with C programming under a single program and were used in Raspberry Pi development card which has ARM11 microprocessor architecture. Forimage processing, OpenCV libraries were used.