OpenCV Projects

OpenCV is an important library created for image processing and available for C, C++ and python languages. We offer OpenCV projects to develop various academic projects in image processing module. We develop OpenCV Projects  based application projects for engineering students and research scholars. By OpenCV tool we develop encryption and decryption based projects. We analyze and process security and protection system with face and iris detection.


Model Structure of OpenCV Projects:


We develop and support openCV  projects based Springer Papers. We use OpenCV package which composed various libraries and modules are given below:

  • Calib 3D – This module permit camera calibration and 3D reconstruction.
  • Core Module – basic structure and algorithms.
  • ObjDetect – Detecting object and other item such as eyes, faces, mugs and people were identified by ObjDetect.
  • Imgproc – contain Image processing algorithm such as geometrical image transformation, Image filtering and histograms.
  • Feature 2D – This module allow 2D features framework are feature descriptors, feature detectors and descriptor matches.
  • Video – This module used to investigate object Tracking and motion estimation.
  • GPU – Provide various accelerated algorithms.
  • HighGUI – Ensures operation such as read, write, encode image in C, C++, Python and provide basic UI capabilities.
  • ML – It known as machine Learning and classes are used for regression, Data clustering and statistical classification.
  • CCL – used for OpenCV accelerated algorithm generation.
  • Photo – Permit computational photography.


OpenCV  Projects Specification: We specified the important factors in OpenCV for B.E projects are:
• 30 frames processed per seconds in real time image processing with OpenCV.
• 4 to 5 frames processed per second in Real time image processing with Matlab.
Specificity: Matlab is a generic based and OpenCV is mainly made for image processing.

Applications of OpenCV Projects :

  • Motion Tracking
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Human-Computer Interaction



Key features of OpenCV Projects:

  • Detection of simple and complex objects.
  • Use mouse to interact with screen.
  • Cross-Platform Application interface functions.
  • Handling and utilization of input images.