Passive Wireless Sensor for Force Measurements

The goal of this paper is to investigate fabrication and design of a wireless passive sensor, and its application for measuring normal forces. The proposed force sensor consists of a single coil as an essential part, realized in printed circuit board technology, commercially available elastomer, and ferrite core. Measurements are done wirelessly for variable values of applied force by phase-dip technique, using an external coil antenna.

By applying force to the sensor, the elastomer deforms and ferrite approaches to the coil, causing changes to the inductance of the coil. As a result, the resonant frequency of the antenna-sensor system shifts toward lower frequencies. The experimental setup is conducted to test and characterize the developed force sensor. A high sensitivity of 311 kHz/N is achieved in the measured force range from 0 to 75 N. The measurement results proved the theoretical and analytical calculations, as well as the electrical simulations.