Pre processing the abdominal ECG signal using combination of FIR filter and principal component analysis

Pre Processing the abdominal ECG signal in order to extract the fetal ECG is becoming very crucial nowadays. The extracted Fetal ECG should not contain any of the noise interferences, since it will affect the diagnosis. Before extracting the Fetal ECG, the abdominal ECG must be pre processed so that the noises (such as power line interference, Base line wandering, electrode contact noise etc) can be reduced.In this paper, pre processing is done using a combination of FIR Filter and Principal component Analysis (PCA).The result shows that the proposed method (Combination of FIR and PCA) removes noise and other unwanted interferences more efficiently than existing methods.

A comparison between Butterworth filter, FIR Filter, Principal Component Analysis and the current work is done and better results (PSNR and MSE) are obtained by the proposed method.