Realization of the Receiver with Dual Antennas by Base-Band Signal Processing

The receiver of base station receives radio wave signals in different paths or directions, having different multi-path delays and amplitude attenuations. The envelope of the signal received is similar to the Rayleigh distribution in the application surrounding of 3G, and the multi-path propagation fading (MPF) would be induced, which will degrade the performance of the receiver.

Especially, the different multi-path delays would induce the phase shifts among the signal carriers received in multi-path, which were not considered in the traditional RAKE receiver and would degrade the performance of that RAKE receiver. The receiver with dual antennas (RDA) by base-band signal processing presented in this paper would have the function to compensate the fading caused by the phase shifts among the signalcarriers received in multi-path, and also could make use the dual antennas to construct a receiving system with space diversity to decrease the influence of the MPF.