Recent advances in multidimensional systems and signal processing: An overview

In this paper, we present an overview of recent advances in multidimensional (MD) systems and signalprocessing. We focus on topics closely related to the four papers selected into the special session of “recent advances in multidimensional systems and signal processing” at ISCAS 2015. The paper starts with an overview of the theory of MD IIR digital filters and its applications ranging from image/videos of light-fields to microwave and mm-wave antenna array processing.

State-space formulation for the realization of MD IIR notch filters is also discussed as applicable to image processing scenarios. Thereafter, new developments in visual tomography-based imaging systems that exploit MD signalprocessing towards safety and health applications are discussed. The paper also reviews new theoretical developments in modeling of physical systems. Recent advances in MD Kirchhoff circuit realizations for some physical systems including finite speed heat diffusion are reviewed.