Reducing inverter power rating in active power filters using proposed hybrid power filter topology

This paper provides a solution for reduction of inverter power rating in active power filter by installing passive power filter. As a result hybrid power filter is obtained. However, possible reduction of inverter power rating strongly depends on hybrid power filter topology. Therefore, three power filter devices are presented, analyzed and compared. These are: active power filter, hybrid power filter based on series connection of shunt passive and active filters and the proposed hybrid filter topology.

Analysis of mentioned devices include theoretical considerations, simulations performed in Matlab Simulinksoftware and experiments using laboratory setup prepared and configured for purposes of this study. Main focus of the research is on inverter voltage and current as it determines required semiconductor switches parameters what prejudges the cost of the inverter. As cost is the main barrier of wider active power filer application and universality, reduction of inverter power rating is crucial. The aim of the research is to find a possibly low cost solution for active current harmonics mitigation.