Research on Virtual Endoscopy path planning

Some key techniques and realizations of Virtual Endoscopy are systematically investigated in this thesis. It consists of the reading of CT data, the pre-processing of medical images, the techniques of segment tissues, 3D Reconstruction and the techniques of path planning. Great stress is laid on 3D Reconstruction and the techniques of path planning in this thesis. The primary work of studies is as follows: First of all, Study the loading of the chest CT data and the pre-process of filtering and interpolation. Secondly, the semi-automatic thresholding algorithm based on thresholding segmentation is proposed.

The CT images are segmented using the methods. In addition, Marching Cubes algorithms is improved in the process of VE rendering algorithm to improve the efficiency of rendering. Finally, based on the technique of distance transform method, this thesis puts forward a distance transform method on the basis of maximum-cost spanning tree, which is able to create central path quickly and to solve some branch questions.