Robust medical image watermarking technique for accurate detection of tampers inside region of interest and recovering original region of interest

Transmission of medical images among remote places is a general practice in telemedicine. Medicalimages may be modified intentionally or accidentally as the transmission of these may take place through unsecure networks such as internet. Before making any diagnostic decisions, the medicalpractitioner has to verify the integrity of region of interest (ROI) in the received medical image in order to avoid wrong diagnosis. Watermarking can be used for checking the integrity of medical images. In this study, the authors propose a novel medical image watermarking method based on integer wavelet transform (IWT).

This proposal verifies the integrity of ROI, precisely identifies tampered blocks inside ROI, provides robustness to the data embedded inside region of non-interest (RONI) and recovers original ROI. In the proposed method, the medical image is segmented into ROI and RONI regions. Hash value of ROI, recovery data of ROI and data of patient are embedded into RONI using IWT. Experimental results show that the proposed method provides robustness to the watermark data embedded inside RONI and accurately detects and localises tampered areas inside ROI and recovers the original ROI