Scilab Thesis

Scilab Thesis  allows matrix manipulations, 2D or 3D plotting, animation for engineering computing ,numeric computing and symbolic computing projects.Scilab is matrix oriented open source software for engineering computing.  Scilab is a tool for numeric computing and symbolic computing.


Choosing Scilab Thesis for implementing Image Processing :-


Scilab is used to implement all image processing sub domains such as medical imaging, digital image processing, remote sensing. Scilab tool is mostly used for research scholars to implement their concepts. Scilab based results are more helpful to prepare thesis of their research work.Reason for choosing scilab tool is an open source tool.

Supported Operating System: Mac OS, Windows, Linux.

Scilab Versions:

Scilab 5.2.

Scilab 5.3.0.

Scilab 5.3.1.

Scilab 5.3.2.

Scilab 5.4.0.

Scilab 5.4.1.


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Advantages of Choosing Scilab Thesis:

1.Quite easy to step from one to other.

2.Requires less disk space.

3.Numeric computing is better for complex tasks than symbolic computing.

4.Data plotting is so simpler.

5.Scilab installs without immediate problems on windows computers.

Scilab Thesis Capabilities:

1.Interpolation, Approximation.

2.Classic and Robust Control, Linear Matrix Inequality Optimization.


4.Linear Algebra, Sparse Matrices.

5.Ordinary Differential Equation Solver.


Components used in Scilab Thesis:

1.An Interpreter.

2.Libraries of C Routines.

3.Libraries of Functions.