Simulation peculiarities of high-frequency zero-current switching quasi-resonant boost converter

The article presents a comparative analysis of three approaches to the modelling of a zero-current switching quasi-resonant boost converter (ZCS-QRBC) performed in Matlab Simulink. The widely used approach based on the use of Power Electronics library components from SimPowerSystems Toolbox is found to be the most effective for an introduction at a glance to the basics of ZCS-QRBC operation as well as for educational purposes.

A SPICE-model of ZCS-QRBC based on physical principles of elements operation is preferable to use to obtain the practical results quickly, elaborate ZCS-QRBC topology, select components, and establish a background for experimental investigations. In the later stages of system design the limited use of the simplified model is possible in order to comply with requirements of existing computational resources. It allows estimating the influence of a control method on the system dynamics and control accuracy or stabilization of a certain parameter.