Spatial data infrastructures: Its metadata and analysis

The idea behind the development of spatial data infrastructures is inherently related to the notion of Geographical Information Systems. Nowadays Geographic Information is a key component when it comes to the utilization of natural resources. Geo processing tools, software packages, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), spatial databases provide geographic information or in other words Geo-spatial data With the advent of related technologies it is now possible to geo-tag or geo-refer a wide array of resources like textual material, geographic documents, image data, raster data, historical valued information and legacy database.

The present work discusses metadata issues related to Spatial Data Infrastructure; and attempts to propose a three-tired infrastructure aimed towards enhancement of metadata catalogue services in regards of three aspects, i) Incorporating of various geographic information metadata elements and provision of necessary support for spatial data infrastructures ii) Achieving interoperability between different metadata standards that is between those standards used for encoding general information resources and those essential for spatial data infrastructures iii) Enhancement of information retrieval techniques for spatial data infrastructure by the use of disambiguated vocabularies.