Stability anlysis and controller synthesis of networked control system (NCS) with arbitrary packet drop-outs

The applications of Networked Control has increased by a number of folds in recent days due to its certain advantages over traditional point to point control protocol and thus has been dealt by number of researchers in myriad ways due to its certain foremost advantages. In this paper a two-switch model of a NCS has been developed with networks in the forward and the backward path simulating the most common issues in NCS, i.e. datatransfer and/or data-drop.

This paper also uses the concept to design an optimal Full State Feedback Controller (FSFC) which guarantees the stability of the NCS by placing the poles of the closed loop system inside a specified disc within the unit circle using Discrete Linear Quadratic Regulator (DLQR) technique. The FSFC thus developed, tackles the most dominant issues of the NCS i.e. packet drop-out and/or jitter. The results have been verified using MATLAB-Simulinkand has been procured at the end to validate the propositions.