Startup Procedure for DSP-Controlled Three-Phase Six-Switch Boost PFC Rectifier

In three-phase applications, the six-switch boost power factor correction rectifier is the most widely employed topology because of its good performance and cost effectiveness. A vast amount of literature that deals with this circuit is exclusively focused on various control schemes aimed at optimizing different aspects of its steady-state and/or transient performance. However, almost no literature is available on its startup procedure, which is an indispensable part of control design of any practical circuit.

To fill this gap, in this paper, a detailed startup procedure is described. This three-step startup procedure ensures that the inrush currents stay below a specified level and that the output voltage increases monotonically to its reference value, i.e., it does not exhibit any overshoot. The proposed startup procedure is illustrated with MATLAB/Simulink simulation waveforms and also experimentally verified.