Stress level detection using heart rate, blood pressure, and GSR and stress therapy by utilizing infrared

Stress is a form of physical and psychological tension. This tension affects an individual’s daily performance. Stress can lead to negative feelings or any feeling that goes against what is truly desired. It can even threaten the emotional well-being. Stress is capable of corrupting the way an individual absorbs reality, solves problem, and thinks logically. Stress is triggered by something called stressor. A stressor is a stimulus initiating or sparking changes. In general, stressor is classified further into internal stressor and external stressor.

The first comes from within an individual (for example: the condition of having an illness, menopause, etc.), while the latter comes from things outside an individual or the environment (for example: the death of a family member, problems at work, etc.). Based from that problem, we formulate an idea to (1) detect an individual’s level of stress by measuring heart rate, blood pressure, and GSR, (2)┬áprocess┬áthe data obtained from those variables and display it on the LCD showing level of stress experienced by the user. There are four levels of stress, it begins from the lowest, relax, and goes up to calm, tense, and stress. (3) reduce the tension experienced by an individual to a more relaxed state by using infrared ray emitted from the device mounted in a user’s neck.