Test bed for low-cost measurement of AM/AM and AM/PM effects in RF PAs based on FPGA

This work presents a new proposal FPGA-based for low cost measurement of AM/AM and AM-PM distortion curves in RF Power Amplifiers through DSP Builder tool into a Development Board. A practical comparison between state-of-the-art reported works based on measurements of AM/AM and AM-PM distortion curves is discussed, in terms of low cost measurement, by using a FPGA development board and a PC to obtain the PA distortion curves adding flexibility to read the PA behavior.

The main contribution is the full control of the digital PA behavior based on the phase to amplitude conversion principle simulated in Matlab-Simulink. This test bed is able to recalculate the known AM/AM and AM/PM measurements stored as LUT in a previous development board but also a real PA as DUT can be added.